Hebert Expertises is a SAS whose sole activity is real estate valuation.
The society is a member of the « Charter of Expertise in Real Estate Valuation ».
This charter guarantees its independence, obligation for professional confidentiality, impartiality, level of competence (with mandatory continuous training) and compulsory professional liability insurance.

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Over 60 chartered experts to serve you

National coverage of mainland France and overseas (DOM-TOM)

60 experts, chartered under the " Charte de l’Expertise en évaluation immobilière" are here to advise you


Our policy (social and environmental commitments)

Through their involvement in urban and regional planning, surveyors are intimately concerned with the problems of sustainable development.
Since 2008, the profession represented by the “Ordre des Géomètres-Experts”, the principal governing body for surveyors, has committed itself collectively by the signing of a charter formalising its adhesion to the process initiated by the “Grenelle de l’Environnement” led by the Ministry of Ecology.
Through the signing of this charter, surveyors have shown their willingness to take into account the objectives of sustainable development in their daily practises.

Under this program, Hebert Expertises wanted to engage in eco-responsible company management, to facilitate the implementation of concrete actions such as:

  • Eco-responsible buying,
  • Consumption control
  • Limiting waste and travel,
  • Promoting the well-being and personal development of employees,
  • Sustaining the company in its economic structure,
  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of eco-responsible practices.